2015 Oak Park Microbrew Review … Review

On Saturday August 15th, I attended the 8th annual Oak Park Microbrew Review, held in beautiful and quaint downtown Oak Park. This is the 6th time I’ve attended this fest, and every year, with the addition of nearby breweries, it gets bigger and better. This year’s highlights included: 1) Wild Weather It was swelteringly humid one minute, then buckets of rain were dumping down on … Continue reading 2015 Oak Park Microbrew Review … Review

Style Study: American Stout

For this style study, I actually skipped forward by one to try American Stouts (currently style number 13E as classified by the 2008 BJCP Guidelines) simply because I had a handful of them ready to go and didn’t have any Foreign Export (13D) styles in my fridge. I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to illustrating what I thought would be another pile of coffee beans … Continue reading Style Study: American Stout