Beer Under Glass 2017

Held at the Garfield Park Conservatory in a curated jungle of beautiful plants, flowers, maze-like hothouses, pretty ponds, and the occasional curly tube slide that you just happen to find while you are wandering through said jungle in search of brewery booths, Beer Under Glass is a craft beer treasure hunt. “BUG,” kicks off Chicago fest season as the first major event of Chicago Craft … Continue reading Beer Under Glass 2017

FoBAB 2015: So Many Beers, So Little My Liver

This year, I attended FoBAB (The Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers) in two capacities, both as a fest-goer and as a volunteer. I drank my way through FoBAB on Friday night (6-10pm), and returned on Saturday night to pour beer samples (6-10pm) and help with tear-down (10pm-2am).* Matt also attended as a fest-goer, a VIP guest, and a volunteer. So together, we amassed a pretty … Continue reading FoBAB 2015: So Many Beers, So Little My Liver