The In-Cider Scoop: 2 Towns Cider Tasting

As the tidal wave of Chicago Craft Beer Week begins to recede from the shores of our livers, I can’t help but think, I could really go for some hard cider right about now! In fact, this is the perfect time to switch up my format a bit and share that my friends at 2 Towns Cider from Corvallis, Oregon have entered the Chicago market, … Continue reading The In-Cider Scoop: 2 Towns Cider Tasting

Coming Soon: Etsy Store!

Yes, it’s true! In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be launching an Etsy store just in time for Chicago Craft Beer Week. I’ve been working for the last month to make my little dream of selling prints of my illustrations a reality and will have my online store up and running on Thursday, May 14th!* So now that we’re two weeks out from Chicago Craft Beer Week (May … Continue reading Coming Soon: Etsy Store!

Beer Glassware Guide

Hail to the Ale’s Beer Glass Guide

Last week, my friend Kim Leshinski, fellow graphic designer and creator of local craft beverage blog Hail to the Ale, kicked off a monthly guest spot on Lakeshore Beverage’s beer blog. Kim has partnered with the Chicago distribution company to share the history, design, and purpose of beer glassware and has begun doing so with the creation of this amazing infographic: I encourage you to read Kim’s full article on the Lakeshore Beverage blog. It will … Continue reading Hail to the Ale’s Beer Glass Guide