Brett beer flavor and aroma illustration

Style Study: Brett Beers

“We gon-na get FUN-key! E’rybodayclapyahaaaaans! Clap, clap clap, clap ya hands!” – DJ Casper … … who was not at all referring to Brettanomyces yeast, but he may as well have been because Brett is known for adding funkiness to beer! Ohhh yeahhh! Aaaaaanywhoozles, this week I chose to do a Style Study on the BJCP category called “Brett Beer.” Brett Beer is a subset … Continue reading Style Study: Brett Beers

On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

This past Friday, Matt and I were privileged to be featured guests on local podcast, ABV Chicago. Co-hosts Ryan and Craig meet every week to dive into side by side tasting comparisons of a lineup of beers that are picked based on a theme of their choosing. They often feature rare, hard-to-obtain bottles, and Episode #92 was no different. Since Matt and I just visited … Continue reading On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago