Almanac Brewing Farmer's Reserve Citrus

Quick Draw: Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus

(a sour Belgian Blonde ale aged in wine barrels with Buddha’s hand citron zest, yuzu, and blood oranges) Hoppy New Year, beer-lovers! (See what I did there? I said “hoppy” instead of … oh, you get it? … K.) Well anyway, welcome to 2016. December was a busy month for me, and I slacked off quite a bit when it came to this here blog. I produced … Continue reading Quick Draw: Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus

On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

This past Friday, Matt and I were privileged to be featured guests on local podcast, ABV Chicago. Co-hosts Ryan and Craig meet every week to dive into side by side tasting comparisons of a lineup of beers that are picked based on a theme of their choosing. They often feature rare, hard-to-obtain bottles, and Episode #92 was no different. Since Matt and I just visited … Continue reading On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

Santé, Belgique

This is a repost of an old piece I did last year. God bless Belgium. ——- “My legacy is my beer. I hope that it will continue to live.” – Rosa Merckx, former Head Brewmaster of Brewery Liefmans This week I’m highlighting Brewery Ommegang‘s delicious Rosetta, a Belgian Kriek (“kriek” meaning “cherry”) blend named after Rosa Merckx, the first female brewmaster of Belgium’s Brewery Liefmans. Brewmaster Rosa goes … Continue reading Santé, Belgique

Belgium Part Un: Brussels & Dinant

On the way to Belgium, my luggage flew first class. I could see it sitting in the overhead bin, through the small sliver of curtain left open to reveal the roomier isles of our AerLingus airbus as the flight attendants prepared the cabin for takeoff. Yes, we were going to Belgium! And Netherlands! This is our Eurotrip story, the most epic of our “beercations” so … Continue reading Belgium Part Un: Brussels & Dinant