Style Study: Bière de Garde

The BJCP provides a fairly simple description of this complex and varied beer style, describing it as “traditional artisanal ale from Northern France brewed in early spring and kept in cold cellars for consumption in warmer weather.” However, if you really want to get beer-nerdy and dive into the full histoire of this storied French contribution to craft beer, you must consume Phil Markowski’s Farmhouse Ales: Culture and … Continue reading Style Study: Bière de Garde

Oktoberfest Märzen

Style Study: Märzen

This year marked the 183rd Oktoberfest celebrated in Munich, Germany. The party started on September 17th, and just came to a close yesterday (October 3rd), and drew millions of bier-drinkers to the city to celebrate. In fact, I’ve been told by friends who have attended that if you’re on festival grounds and are not holding a stein full of beer, you’ll be kindly asked to leave. … Continue reading Style Study: Märzen

Brett beer flavor and aroma illustration

Style Study: Brett Beers

“We gon-na get FUN-key! E’rybodayclapyahaaaaans! Clap, clap clap, clap ya hands!” – DJ Casper … … who was not at all referring to Brettanomyces yeast, but he may as well have been because Brett is known for adding funkiness to beer! Ohhh yeahhh! Aaaaaanywhoozles, this week I chose to do a Style Study on the BJCP category called “Brett Beer.” Brett Beer is a subset … Continue reading Style Study: Brett Beers

Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. You may have noticed, dear reader, that I haven’t posted in, like, 3 months. It’s true–and no, your web browser/brain isn’t broken–I haven’t been blogging. But what I have been doing all of this time? A lot of things beer-  or art-  or  beer-and-art-related, of course! I’ve applied to some upcoming Chicago-based craft fairs and have been working … Continue reading Schlafly Hop Trial SMaSH Pack

Style Study: English Porter

The English Porter originated about three centuries ago in the UK and, like many beer styles, was a product of its time. Unfortunately, the best place to study this style is probably not the United States, but I did my darndest with what was available to me here in Chicagoland. I’ve borrowed heavily from the Cicerone Certification Program‘s information on this beer’s history and profile … Continue reading Style Study: English Porter

Style Study: Gose

The first gose I ever came across was Off Color’s Troublesome, a “wheat ale brewed with coriander.” I found this (not inaccurate) description to be a brilliant tactic for putting one of Chicago’s first gose beers on the market under familiar terms. Especially considering that, as the German Beer Institute points out, this type of beer is actually “brewed with slightly salted water,” which might … Continue reading Style Study: Gose

On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

This past Friday, Matt and I were privileged to be featured guests on local podcast, ABV Chicago. Co-hosts Ryan and Craig meet every week to dive into side by side tasting comparisons of a lineup of beers that are picked based on a theme of their choosing. They often feature rare, hard-to-obtain bottles, and Episode #92 was no different. Since Matt and I just visited … Continue reading On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

American IPAs & Bullets2Bandages Bottle Opener

“Beer is not made from hops. It is made from barley, and sometimes other grains, then flavored with hops. But it is impossible to imagine beer without this strange, bitter vine.” -Amy Stewart, The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World’s Great Drinks   When you think of an American IPA, or an American-style-anything, you think HOPS. Add ALL the hops! In fact, Lagunitas’ … Continue reading American IPAs & Bullets2Bandages Bottle Opener

Radlers: The Beer Without a Style

The first time I heard of a radler, I was a 20-year-old college student studying abroad, on a weekend trip to Munich, Germany. My friends and I had purchased tickets to Mike’s Bike Tour, a bicycle tour on which we traveled a total of 4 miles over the course of 4 hours. What took so long, you might wonder? In between brief bouts of historical tidbit-sharing, … Continue reading Radlers: The Beer Without a Style