Brewing with Love (Ingredient Study: Chocolate)

“Chocolate releases the same dopamine chemicals in the brain as romantic love does, and beer tends to reduce social inhibitions. If that doesn’t sound like the makings of an interesting evening, I don’t know what does…” – Russ Menegat, Rogue Ales Public House manager No one can deny that the combination of beer and chocolate is pretty genius. But in fact, according to National Geographic, … Continue reading Brewing with Love (Ingredient Study: Chocolate)

Quick Draw: Smells Like Bean Spirit Batch #2

Mikerphone Brewing is all about “craft beer inspired by music,” with pun-ily named brews–I Want My IPA and Daft Funk to name a couple. Mikerphone is currently “gypsy-brewing”-they don’t have a permanent brewing facility of their own, so they use space at another- but plans to open a permanent facility in Elk Grove Village, right near O’Hare Airport. You can hear head brewer Mike Pallen … Continue reading Quick Draw: Smells Like Bean Spirit Batch #2

Style Study: Gose

The first gose I ever came across was Off Color’s Troublesome, a “wheat ale brewed with coriander.” I found this (not inaccurate) description to be a brilliant tactic for putting one of Chicago’s first gose beers on the market under familiar terms. Especially considering that, as the German Beer Institute points out, this type of beer is actually “brewed with slightly salted water,” which might … Continue reading Style Study: Gose

Chili Peppers

Baby, It’s Chili Outside (Ingredient Study: Chili Peppers)

“A pepper is a fruit filled with air instead of juicy flesh. … The fruit gets its heat from capsaicin, a substance that appears in highest concentrations in the inner membrane of the fruit and in its seeds. While capsaicin doesn’t cause a physical burn, it does send a signal to the brain that something’s on fire. The brain responds by issuing pain signals in … Continue reading Baby, It’s Chili Outside (Ingredient Study: Chili Peppers)

Almanac Brewing Farmer's Reserve Citrus

Quick Draw: Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus

(a sour Belgian Blonde ale aged in wine barrels with Buddha’s hand citron zest, yuzu, and blood oranges) Hoppy New Year, beer-lovers! (See what I did there? I said “hoppy” instead of … oh, you get it? … K.) Well anyway, welcome to 2016. December was a busy month for me, and I slacked off quite a bit when it came to this here blog. I produced … Continue reading Quick Draw: Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus

Quick Draw: Bob Ross Did It

On Saturday, August 29th, Noon Whistle Brewing held their first barrel-aged bottle release at … you guessed it … noon! Bob Ross Did It is a 10.20% ABV scotch ale aged for many months in Heaven Hill barrels. Matt picked up this modestly priced $15 bomber on the weekend of the successful release, and, after saving it in the cellar for a few months, we decided to crack it … Continue reading Quick Draw: Bob Ross Did It

On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

This past Friday, Matt and I were privileged to be featured guests on local podcast, ABV Chicago. Co-hosts Ryan and Craig meet every week to dive into side by side tasting comparisons of a lineup of beers that are picked based on a theme of their choosing. They often feature rare, hard-to-obtain bottles, and Episode #92 was no different. Since Matt and I just visited … Continue reading On a Gueuze Crueuze with ABV Chicago

Santé, Belgique

This is a repost of an old piece I did last year. God bless Belgium. ——- “My legacy is my beer. I hope that it will continue to live.” – Rosa Merckx, former Head Brewmaster of Brewery Liefmans This week I’m highlighting Brewery Ommegang‘s delicious Rosetta, a Belgian Kriek (“kriek” meaning “cherry”) blend named after Rosa Merckx, the first female brewmaster of Belgium’s Brewery Liefmans. Brewmaster Rosa goes … Continue reading Santé, Belgique

Quick Draw: Oachkatzlschwoaf Oktoberfest Lager

Currently, the 182nd Oktoberfest is being celebrated in Munich, Germany. Yes, as you drink in these words, from September 19th until October 4th, beer-lovers from across the globe are swinging and swigging from steins while singing Ein Prosit with reckless abandon. Originally the celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig in 1810, this festival has continued to grown into the largest festival in the world today. So in honor … Continue reading Quick Draw: Oachkatzlschwoaf Oktoberfest Lager

American IPAs & Bullets2Bandages Bottle Opener

“Beer is not made from hops. It is made from barley, and sometimes other grains, then flavored with hops. But it is impossible to imagine beer without this strange, bitter vine.” -Amy Stewart, The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World’s Great Drinks   When you think of an American IPA, or an American-style-anything, you think HOPS. Add ALL the hops! In fact, Lagunitas’ … Continue reading American IPAs & Bullets2Bandages Bottle Opener