Upland Sours: Blended Works of Art

A couple of weeks ago I went on a beer blogger road trip. That’s right! A few of us including Nik White of Chicago Beer Pass and Nick Costa of The Hop Review jumped in a minivan and rode down to Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington houses the wellspring of Indiana University pride, and the source of some of the country’s most delicious sour beers, Upland Brewing … Continue reading Upland Sours: Blended Works of Art

The Great American Beer Fest 2016

The 2016 Great American Beer Fest has come and gone, and I am still in serious Fun Withdrawal (it’s a real affliction) just over a week after the final session. This was my first time attending, so this post will largely be a massive recap of “bests” and “favorites” plus my usual illustrative touch. In case you’re not familiar, GABF is the largest annual American … Continue reading The Great American Beer Fest 2016

Belgium Part 2: Bruges & Antwerp, then onto the Netherlands

(This is Part Two of a post recounting Matt and my trip to Belgium and Netherlands this past summer. Read Part One here.) In Bruges: “If I lived on a farm… ” You know that village in the movie Hot Fuzz, where Simon Pegg’s character gets sent? Where the village is perfect in every way? Where there is a murdering band of cloaked citizens lurking in … Continue reading Belgium Part 2: Bruges & Antwerp, then onto the Netherlands

Belgium Part Un: Brussels & Dinant

On the way to Belgium, my luggage flew first class. I could see it sitting in the overhead bin, through the small sliver of curtain left open to reveal the roomier isles of our AerLingus airbus as the flight attendants prepared the cabin for takeoff. Yes, we were going to Belgium! And Netherlands! This is our Eurotrip story, the most epic of our “beercations” so … Continue reading Belgium Part Un: Brussels & Dinant

Oh, Boil! A 5 Rabbit Brew Day

Last month, Matt and I cashed in on our Iron Brew Challenge prize, and got to help brew Super Pils at 5 Rabbit Cerveceria in Bedford Park, IL. It … was … awesome, exhausting, memorable, hilarious, fascinating, educational, and absolutely pure fun. I call this double brew day double vision. Here are two, really excited people all up in the 5 Rabbit brewhouse! Brief backstory: we entered 5 Rabbit’s home brewing … Continue reading Oh, Boil! A 5 Rabbit Brew Day

Brewcation 2014

  This year we took our 2nd annual “Brewcation” to Michigan, and I’ll describe this year’s trip by saying that there were four breweries, three days, and two beer geeks! That was super cheesy…but accurate, so it’s cool. Matt and I decided to once again spend the weekend of his Spring Break (Matt is a teacher) in Michigan bouncing from brewery to brewery, sipping samples and collecting and … Continue reading Brewcation 2014