Quick Draw: Dovetail Holiday Bock

This past Saturday, December 18th, I participated as a vendor at Dovetail Brewery’s first annual Holiday Market held at their taproom location in Chicago’s Ravenswood Corridor. It was a charming and cozy event featuring artists and creatives from the area, and it also highlighted the recent release of a delicious seasonal beer, their Holiday Bock. (If you missed it, be on the lookout for another market, and hopefully another special beer, this coming Spring!)

Dovetail’s family of beers are remarkably well-executed examples of classic German styles, still an uncommon scenario among United States craft brewers where hop bombs and big stouts typically reign supreme. All of their beers are coolshipped, meaning that the wort is exposed to outside air for a period of time during the brewing process. They are also in the midst of developing a lambic-style family of beers, which Holiday Market visitors got a great glimpse of – the Market was held upstairs in Dovetail’s Barrel Loft, where barrels and barrels of sour beer will continue to age for the next few years.

I had an excellent time meeting everyone who came by my booth, and a special thanks to all my new customers! Also, an extra special thanks must go out to Dovetail brewers Bill and Hagen. I bit it, real hard on the stairway as I was loading out my booth at the end of the event and, while falling down and tripping on things is by no means unusual for me, this was a doozy of a spill. Bill and Hagen literally ran to my side and as I wailed and wept like a small child, and they comforted me and talked me through this moment of deep embarrassment. These guys not only brew amazingly delicious beer, but they are truly kind and caring people. Not to mention that it warms my heart when people respond so positively to my illustrative creations so, in spite of my clumsy incident, I am happy to say that I had a very successful day.

I was also able to enjoy a couple of pints of the aforementioned Holiday Bock, a delicious seasonal Bock style beer that warmed my heart with holiday cheer and warmed my bod with its well-disguised booze.


Holiday Bock by Dovetail Brewery 7% ABV
Appearance: A beautiful reddish-brown color with a creamy, soft head
Aroma: Malty sweetness, hints of cherry and caramel
Mouthfeel: Creamy and smooth with a slight effervescence, and a remarkably clean body and a warming feel 
Flavor: Bready, sweet malts, candied sugar, plum, currants, and a bready finish

Thank you again to Dovetail for an excellent experience. I had so much fun spending the day surrounded by your liquid creations as I peddled my own.


p.s. If you’re the podcast type, you can listen to my friends Marie, Ryan, and Craig drink and review this beer on the latest episode of ABV Chicago right here. You can hear me and Matt on there, too.

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