Boston Lobster drinking an IPA

Boston Beercation

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that Matt and I visited Boston this past Spring. And, full disclosure, I procrastinated big time on writing a post about it. (Obviously – here we are at the end of August.) I took some sadly scant notes, and that’s what I had to work from.

Therefore, I’ve now decided to tell the tale of our trip to Boston in a small series of somewhat cryptic haikus. If the following words make no sense, I am (a little) sorry.

Day One:
Flew in over town.
“I want some fresh seafood, stat.”
There’s Boston Harbor!

College roomie hug!
Grabbed my bags and off we went.
Fried shrimp for dinner.

Pictures of our trip to Boston

Day Two:
Went to buy bottles
From Trillium, but first we
Lunched: fried fish and chips.

Beer O’clock again.
Toured Harpoon, pronounced “Hahpoon.”
Lobstah rolls for din.

Pictures of our trip to Boston

Day Three:
Took the Duck Boat tour,
A bus-turned-boat while
Hist’ry lessons learned.

Walked the Freedom Trail
and we toured Paul Revere’s home.
Snacked on cannolis.

Pictures of our trip to Boston

Day Four:
Jenga at Slumbrew,
Then, an Uber to Night Shift.
Drank all of their beer,

Packed like sardines we
Played bags and old school arcades.
Cab back to Southie.

Pictures of our trip to Boston

Day Five:
I took a long nap.
Had one last Harpoon
On draft and said bye.

OK fine, to give you a little context in prose, I went to Boston for 5 days to visit my college roomie and her hubs. Matt joined us for Days 3-4, and we drank a wide variety of East Coast beers, visited four breweries, and took some historical tours to give our poor livers a small break. Here’s a little map infographic I created of the four breweries we visited in the Boston area:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.13.03 AM

No, I didn’t drink any Treehouse. Yes, I drank a lot of Trillium beer – in fact, I brought a bunch of those bottles home to share with our friends at ABV Chicago. You can listen to us drink and talk about them on Episode 116, Trillium Again right here.

I hope you enjoyed this very brief recap of our Boston excursion! In closing, here is an illustration I made of a lobster … er lobstah … drinking a New England style IPA:

Boston Lobster drinking an IPA

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