Quick Draw: Akari Shogun by Half Acre Beer Company

You know warm weather is here to stay when Half Acre releases cans of Akari Shogun American Wheat. (Ok, ok, we never really know what the weather will do here in Chicago, but just roll with me here.) This beer tastes like sunshine, hope, North Avenue Beach, tanned bros in tanks, and bike rides down the Lakeshore path. As the brewery website states, “He who harnesses light will usher this summer force into your life.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds a bit like fun in the sun.

Akari Shogun is brewed with Motueka hops, a New Zealand variety that exhibits citrusy flavors of lime, tropical fruits, and lemon zest. (source: New Zealand Hops Limited) And boy, does this beer allow that hop to shine.

Akari Shogun
by Half Acre Beer Company
American Wheat Ale, 5.5% ABV

Appearance: A slightly hazy yellow-orange with a huge and frothy, but simultaneously delicate and lacy, white bubbly head

Aroma: Strawberries, a hint of lime, wheat, pale malt

Full, effervescent, & creamy with a light finish

Sweet and delicate up front with a bitter bite at the swallow, this beer finishes with an amazing light wheaty, malty aftertaste. Light hints of pineapple and strawberries float on a bed of wheat, with pops of lemon-lime zest.


Akari Shogun makes a great session ale for patio-hanging and BBQ-pitting. (Also arm-pitting, but that’s only if it gets really hot outside.)


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