Quick Draw: Off Color Space Tiger

Off Color Brewing, known for their quirky black & white illustrated labels and packaging (and their delicious beers, too!) recently added a small retail space inside their brewery located at 3925 W. Dickens Avenue in Chicago.

The brewery sold $1 tickets to their opening party back in February, and donated all of these proceeds to local organization Wright Way Rescue. As the mother of an adopted furball of cuddles, this truly made my heart swell. Well done, Off Color!

They’ll also offer tours of their space on most Saturdays at 2pm. Visit the brewery’s website for more info.


Space Tiger (Off Color Brewing) 7.8% ABV, Wild Farmhouse Ale

Aroma: Golden & hazy with a fluffy, bubbly head that billowed up, then dissipated after some time

Apricot, orange, grapefruit, wheat and barnyard funk

Full & effervescent

Funky, fruity, wheaty, and …  sweet-y in the middle with a drying finish. Herbal spices and earthy sharpness dominate this beer with nutmeg, lemon peel and a hint of bitter grapefruit juice.


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