Quick Draw: Bob Ross Did It

On Saturday, August 29th, Noon Whistle Brewing held their first barrel-aged bottle release at … you guessed it … noon! Bob Ross Did It is a 10.20% ABV scotch ale aged for many months in Heaven Hill barrels. Matt picked up this modestly priced $15 bomber on the weekend of the successful release, and, after saving it in the cellar for a few months, we decided to crack it open last week when the weather turned particularly frosty.


Noon Whistle’s motto is “session beer you can taste,” so this beer is atypical for their usual lineup of sub-5 percent beers. If you ever have the chance, this brewery is definitely worth the visit to Lombard, a superb suburb (where I also happen to live) located about 25 miles due west of downtown Chicago. Head brewer Paul is more than happy to talk beer with visitors–in fact, it’s his mission to demystify the brewing process; you’ll see the brewhouse positioned right next to the seating area, in full view.


Bob Ross Did It (10.20% ABV)
By Noon Whistle Brewing (Lombard, IL)

Appearance: A clear, cherry cola brown with a few towers of carbonation

Aroma: Leather, tobacco, raisin, and vanilla

Flavor: Toasted coconut, vanilla, toffee, raisin, caramel candy

Mouthfeel: Medium-full, very smooth and warming

Overall Impression: Delightful, cold weather warmer with many layers; the base beer remains the star among complex barrel character

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