Beer Glassware Guide

Hail to the Ale’s Beer Glass Guide

Last week, my friend Kim Leshinski, fellow graphic designer and creator of local craft beverage blog Hail to the Ale, kicked off a monthly guest spot on Lakeshore Beverage’s beer blog. Kim has partnered with the Chicago distribution company to share the history, design, and purpose of beer glassware and has begun doing so with the creation of this amazing infographic:

Beer Glassware Guide

I encourage you to read Kim’s full article on the Lakeshore Beverage blog. It will open your eyes to the importance of choosing the proper glass for your beer!

And, in studying the graphic, I realized (blast!) that I’d actually made an error in my Russian Imperial stout drawing by illustrating the beer inside a Nonick pint glass, and not in a snifter! Thusly, I’ve updated the RIS illustration to contain the appropriate drinking vessel.

Many thanks to Kim and to Lakeshore Beverage for sharing this knowledge in a visually interesting way! I can’t wait to read the next post in the glassware series.


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