Style Study: Munich Helles

Here in Chicagoland, Spring has sprung, (at least it tried to spring and then sprang back and will maybe re-spring next week) so I thought it was about time to switch to a lighter style more appropriate for the coming season. And why not start with the style whose name literally means “light” in German: Munich Helles. In German, “hell” describes something light in color, and “helles” … Continue reading Style Study: Munich Helles

Beer Glassware Guide

Hail to the Ale’s Beer Glass Guide

Last week, my friend Kim Leshinski, fellow graphic designer and creator of local craft beverage blog Hail to the Ale, kicked off a monthly guest spot on Lakeshore Beverage’s beer blog. Kim has partnered with the Chicago distribution company to share the history, design, and purpose of beer glassware and has begun doing so with the creation of this amazing infographic: I encourage you to read Kim’s full article on the Lakeshore Beverage blog. It will … Continue reading Hail to the Ale’s Beer Glass Guide

Style Study: Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stouts are currently classified as style 13F within the BJCP guidelines, and are described as being “brewed to high gravity and hopping level in England for export to the Baltic States and Russia.” The popular belief is that the likes of Catherine the Great loved this style, but after I went down an Internet rabbit hole in search of more information on this idea, … Continue reading Style Study: Russian Imperial Stout

Style Study: Foreign Extra Stout

Foreign extra stouts were hard to find, at least they were for me. I was able to secure a Guinness Extra Stout fairly easily around St. Patrick’s Day, but the others were more of a challenge. Since this style is currently subdivided into “tropical” and “export,” I’d hoped to get my hands on both varieties for comparison, but none of the stores in my area … Continue reading Style Study: Foreign Extra Stout