Recipe: A Belgian, Wit a Little Too Much Marmalade

About two months ago, I was honored to participate in an event at the Brew Camp classroom, put on by Kim Leshinski of Hail to the Ale. And now, a mere 60-ish days later, I am writing about it! 😉

Kim and I met at the 5 Rabbit Iron Brew Challenge, and when my husband and I won the challenge with our mole stout, (<–a post on the subject is pending!) she invited me and two other (super awesome) lady home-brewers to do a brewing demonstration for anyone who wanted to come and learn “Brewing 101” in celebration of International Women’s Brew Day on March 8th. See, here’s the old event post!

In typical beer-lovers fashion this event was a (BONUS) bottle share and (DOUBLE BONUS) special guests from the industry were in attendance from Temperance Beer Company, New Belgium Brewing, Pipeworks Brewing Company, Revolution Brewing, Metropolitan Brewing, Panic Brewing, Une Année Brewery, and Windy City Distributing.

It was a seriously amazing, truly memorable day and an absolute pleasure to meet so many interesting people with whom I share a passion for craft beer and brewing it. Here are my two favorite pictures from the day:

I’m measuring out ingredients in the foreground alongside fellow lady homebrewer Laura Lanford.
(This photo was taken by the talented Rachel Oftedahl of


Here is the beautiful group of lady brewer attendees, both professional and non.
(I’m second from the right.)
1016565_556214567819924_1183458953_n(This photo was also taken by the talented Rachel Oftedahl of


Thus, I would like to share the recipe that I brewed that day, “A Belgian, Wit a Little Too Much Marmalade.” You’ll notice that my recipe below calls for 12 oz. of marmalade (the orange kind), which is an accurate representation of what I threw into the boil kettle…and this was a complete accident. You see, I became completely distracted at this stage of the brewing process (beer was involved) and dumped the entire contents of the jar in my hand into the kettle instead of scooping out half. Ha! As a result, my beer came out very orange-y, but pleasantly so! Use your own judgement–you might like the extra orange flavor, too.



A couple of additional notes:
1) Use a blowoff hose for this fermentation. I did not, and my airlock exploded off of my carboy…twice. Belgian yeasties are powerful beasties!
2) I started with whole coriander, intending to grind it right before I added it to the boil. But at the last minute, my spice grinder conked out on me so I just put the whole coriander kernels in into a plastic freezer bag and pounded them to powder with a meat grinder. Word to the wise, watch your fingertips.

Cheers, and thanks for reading! What semi-ridiculous brewing mistakes have you made that turned out actually kind of awesome?



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