A Bit About Me

There are two things that I will talk about nonstop if you let me. #1 is craft beer. #2 is CrossFit (but that’s another story for another blog). While my two greatest loves (Sorry, hubs. ;)) are often in direct conflict of one another, I do what I can to enjoy both multiple times in a week because both have changed my life in truly magical ways. 

I’ve been wanting to start a beer blog for a long time, but not just any blog! (How many times have people started a blog saying that, lol.) No really…I am starting a visual beer blog. A whaaaa? Oh, you heard me. As an artist and a graphic designer, my first language is one of imagery, lines, and colors. I actually think in pictures and often times I will simply not hear what you are saying, but will remember that you were wearing blue socks and a green shirt.

Throughout the life of this blog, I will record all of my interactions with beer in illustration form. Beer tastings, rare beer finds, beer education, pilgrimages to brewpubs and microbreweries alike–all will become a drawing, info-graphic, or illustrated work of some sort.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this blog is Worth a Thousand Beers … or something like that.

This is a picture of a bunch of delicious beer samples, and my happy face.

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